Best Dog DNA Tests 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Wisdom Panel 3.02. Wisdom Panel3. Embark
Wisdom Panel 3.0 Best Dog DNA TestWisdom PanelEmbark Breed + Health

Owning a dog is always a great choice as they make the best pets. Among so many things, one of the most common things that any dog owner is curious to know about his beloved pet is his DNA, whether his dog is a mix or original breed.

Every dog is unique in their way but if you want to know specific things about him like why he has two different color eyes, why he has spotted fur, or why he prefers milk over chicken then you need to do DNA testing.


In the last decade, dogs, DNA testing has risen. If you too want to know about your dog’s DNA, you must buy the best Dog DNA Test kit. In fact, these kits have become one of the biggest sellers among dog owners.

You have to swab it inside your dog’s mouth and mail it to the company. After a few weeks, you would come to know all about your dog’s ancestors.

Buy these kits carefully as accuracy of these tests is important. Inaccurate information about the dog DNA can lead to wrong health advice for your dog. In this article, you will read buying tips for Dog DNA Test Kits, FAQs and also DNA Test Kit reviews. Let us begin with the list of top Dog DNA kits that offers accurate information about your dog.

As there are many different benefits of the best DNA test for dogs, one should get the DNA test completed for their loving fur friend. The next step in the process is to find the right kit to find accurate results. Here are some amazing kits that one can buy online and use them at home to complete the DNA tests for their dogs.

Top 10 Best Dog DNA Test Kits 2020

1. Wisdom Panel 3.0

Wisdom Panel 3.0 Best Dog DNA Test

Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test kit is a dog DNA testing kit. It is easy to use and one can test the dog’s DNA in just three simple steps. This kit is used for more than 350 breeds, variety, and the types. It is very simple to use one just needs to collect their Dog’s DNA using a cheek swab and activate the kit and then sent the kit to the lab.

As soon as this is done one will receive the final reports in and genetic analysis of dog and it’s been in almost two weeks. This one of the best and leading testing kits for a dog’s DNA. The company has produces the world’s most comprehensive breed database. DNA tests can be very helpful in producing understanding the behavior of the dog and its unique appearance and needs.


  • It is easy to use
  • It provides accurate results
  • It does not hurt the dog
  • It is worth the money


  • The packaging is not very great

2. Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA test kit delivers the Insight based on the DNA of the Dog which is used for optimizing the overall training needs and care of the dog. It is very simple to use. One can understand the dog’s behavior and need by getting the DNA test done using the cheek swab. The product should be used on the dog and it is three-step processes.

The first step in the process is to collect a sample from the dog by using the swab provided in the kit. One should activate their test online and wait for three weeks and the final accurate tests will be provided in an email. A single test can help one out in testing the breed, behavior, and genetics of the dog. It is available online and one can buy it using the internet.


  • It is easy to use
  • It is highly recommended
  • Results are very accurate
  • It is affordable


  • Result generation is time taking

3. Embark Breed + Health

Embark Breed + Health

Embark Dog DNA test kit is a trusted and highly recommended DNA test kit in the market. This kit can be used for identifying the 250 plus breeds of the dogs. It provides highly accurate results.

The Embark DNA test kit can test for over 170 genetic diseases like glaucoma, dilated cardiomyopathy, MDR1 drug sensitivity, degenerative myelopathy, and more genetic diseases and health-related issues easily.

The product is manufactured by the experts so results are highly reliable and the result generation takes 2-4 weeks. Results are delivered on the personalized dashboard. The results can help the dog owner to understand their dog better and plan the future. The information in the results can help one to make the best choice for their dog’s health, diet, and exercise. This will improve the overall development of the dog.


  • It can identify dog breed, and over 250 dog breeds can be identified using this kit
  • This is a fast way to get the DNA test
  • It provides trusted results
  • The kit is manufactured by the experts.
  • It can also be used health screening


  • A bit expensive, if compared to other kits

4. DNA My Dog

DNA My Dog

DNA my dog is a genetic testing used majorly for discovering the breeds of dog. This is a great way to know the breeds of the dog if they are adopted or rescued. The test can confirm the breeds of the dogs even if they are mixed breed, tests will clarify and will tell what breeds are mixed. The results are quick and convenient and are mailed to the provided e-mail address within two weeks or even less.

The test can be performed at home by using the swab provided in the kit. One simply has to rub the swab inside the cheek of the dog and it will collect the DNA of the dog. The test reports include the Analysis certificate and breed determination report. The overall dimension of the product is 9.5 x 4 x 0.3 inches.


  • It determines the dog’s breed
  • It is easy to use
  • Test can be performed at home
  • Results are quick


  • Expensive

5. Embark


Embark is Partner of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and the Embark Breed Identification Kit is manufactured by the experts. It is great for discovering the breed of the dogs and it can screen for 250 plus dog breeds.

It uses the research-grade platform which provided the highly accurate results in the market. Embark can very easily and precisely find the breed contribution in the dogs which are of mixed breeds.

The results are highly trusted and very accurate. One can also ding other dogs who have the same DNA as their dogs and they can find the friend sand relative of the dog. The relative finder is available with the purchase and one does not need to pay any amount for that. The results are fast and it is easy to test the dog DNA using this kit.


  • Easy to use
  • Beneficial in Discovering the Dog’s breed
  • It comes with the dog DNA relative finder
  • It is fast
  • It is accurate


  • No easy returns

6. Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel DNA test kit is a Dog DNA testing kit. It is extremely professional and the results are available for the extensive health conditions for over 150 conditions. It will also detect the breed and family generation’s information for the dog.

The test is a three-step method. First, collect the DNA o the dog by rubbing the swab inside their cheeks and then send the kit to the lab and wait for the results. The results will be out within two weeks, in results one will get the genetic analysis of the breed and dog ancestry.


  • It screens over 150 genetic issues and health conditions
  • It can easily identify the breed of the dog
  • It provides detailed information in the results
  • The results are accurate


  • It is a little bit expensive

7. Orivet Mixed Breed

Orivet Mixed Breed

The Orivet Dog DNA Test is very helpful in revealing the breed of the dog. The results are available in the percentages so one can easily identify the mixed breeds. The test also provides the three-generation ancestry reports for the dog. The kit is very easy to use and this makes it highly convenient for the dog owners.

The reports are produced by professional vets so the results are very accurate and trusted. The dog test comes with a personalized wellness plan depending on the age, weight, lifestyle, and gender of the dog. This is a great way to keep the dog healthy and fit. This reduces the risk of health-related issues.


  • It is easy to use
  • It provides the adult weight prediction
  • It provides the personalized health plans
  • It discovers the breed of the dog
  • It identifies the genetic health issues of the dog


  • It is not great for mutts

8. Orivet Health Screen

Orivet Health Screen

ORIVET Dog DNA Test Kit is a health screen test and DNA tests designed especially for the purebred dogs and mixed breed dogs. It can identify the genetic disease and traits of the dogs. It can easily identify over 200 diseases that can be genetic to the dogs.

It will also reveal and identify any other health and mental issue of the do. This test can predict the future growth of the dog and the vets will provide the proper information to improve the health and growth of the dog. One can take the preventive steps and precaution when they get the report.


  • Accurate results
  • Identifies health issues
  • Identifies genetic disease
  • Provide health plan for better health and growth of the dog
  • Worth the value


  • The packaging is not so strong and attractive

9. Orivet Geno Pet

Orivet Geno Pet

DNA tests for the dog will help you in knowing about the breed of dogs so that you will be able to make a proper diet plan for your pet.

With the help of this kit you will be able to analyze all the things that can cause the problem to your dog and if you want to take care of your dog according to the breed, lifestyle, weight, age, and genetic then you have to buy this product.


  • Very good and affordable product that will help you in knowing about a number of things that can cause the problem to your dog
  • Identifies the genetic health risks


  • One cannot get easy access which is the biggest problem. You have to get enough time to use this kit on your dog.

10. Orivet Mixed Breed

Orivet Mixed Breed

DNA test kit will help you to identify the mix breed dog and you can easily check the background of your dog without even asking anyone. It has a very quick and painless way of collecting samples so that you will be able to create personalized life span of your dog. With the help of this kit, you will be able to highlight the health risk and this will let you save the life of your pet dog.


  • This is a very relevant Canine Health test that can determine the health risk of dog and you will be able to know all uncover things about your dog.
  • It is easy to use


  • One will face problems in knowing the age of your dog and sometimes you will not get accuracy in the result of the DNA test kit.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best DNA Test For Dogs

1. Depth Of The Test

Some tests only provide you with the lineage of your dogs while other tests will determine how the DNA of you dog contribute in his behaviour. Some tests can also tell you about the type of health risk your dog can pose. Thus you have to decide the reason of the test and accordingly buy the kit.

2. Speed Of The Test Results

You must find out how long you will have to wait for your dog’s DNA results. Some companies take months while others deliver them in few weeks. The longer the time is the lesser could be the price but it might take your patience thus you must choose the kit as per the level of patience you have to wait for the results.

3. Accuracy Of The Test

Some tests come with 100% accuracy and in case you are getting a test done to get the insights about your pet’s health then accuracy is must.

4. Easy To Use

It should be fast and easy to use and should contain proper instructions. The kit must tell you on how to swab your dog’s cheek, and how to store the sample and mail it to the lab testing company.

5. Easy To Understand Result

The results should not be in coded or tough language but should be in easy to understand language.

6. Cost Of The Test

You can get the tests kit from $50 to $180, more detailed the results are the more is the cost of the kit. Percentage of accuracy also effects the cost. If you want to just look into the linkage of the dog you can go for the cheaper bread. But if you want to detect genetic mutations to prevent your pups from getting sick the test will be costlier.

7. Choosing The Right Brand

It is essential that you choose the brand that has a good market value and is able to provide you with the best results at a reasonable cost.

Benefits Of DNA Test For Dogs

DNA testing of dogs is very important. It is optional but it is always very beneficial to get it done. One can get the DNA test done at any vet care or home using the best dog DNA test kit.

DNA tests for dogs fall into two major categories including identifying the breed and disease identification. Identifying a breed of any dog is very easy with the DNA tests. Along with it, it can also find out the diseases dogs are suffering from. It becomes very important when the dogs are rescued.

DNA testing for dogs is very beneficial. It has many benefits and it helps to find out many things about dogs easily. Here are some reasons why one should get the best dog DNA test done for their dogs.

1. Curious

If one is curious about their dogs like what breed they belong to, how healthy they are and more. To get the answer to all such question one should get the DNA test done for their dogs.

2. Easy To Train

Getting dogs DNA completed means one can easily understand the dogs. This lets the dog owner know the ability and habits of their dogs. They can easily understand the behavior of the dog which is very helpful in training a dog. This can be a very effective way of socializing the dog. One can get the best dog DNA test for their dogs.

3. Health

The health of the pet is key to their happiness and active life. Dogs can easily hie their discomfort and pain. One should be aware of their dog’s health. Once the DNA test is complete one can easily get to know about the genetic health and diseases of their dog.

One can also know the breeds of the dog and what health issues can affect their dog. One can get information about the genetic health risks about the breed of the dog and it will reduce future health risks.

4. Risk Reduction

There is nothing scarier than knowing that the loving pet may get trapped in some genetic diseases that one is not aware of. One can simply try to change the lifestyle and take the precautions and can deal with any health issue ahead of time.

The best dog DNA test provides one with all the important information about the dog which is required to predict what diseases and things can affect the dog’s health. Having information prior helps one to take the precautions and keep the dog stay away from any such thing.

5. Diet

Just like us humans dogs are different and can be allergic to some kind of food. They may need some specific food and diet depending on their genetics. They may need some better nutrients or some specific food involves in their diets for their growth and their needs.

One cannot easily know what their dog is lacking or why their health and growth is declining. But getting the best dog DNA test done will help one to know what their dog needs to grow and for improved health. One can also create a diet plan according to the needs of the dog. One can also get a specialized diet plan from the specialist to complete the diet plan of the dog.

6. Exercise

Different dogs need different kinds of exercises to grow. Dome needs less exercise whereas some dogs need more exercise. Depending on their genetics and health dogs require exercise. Also, the type and time of exercise depend on the age, geographical area and lifestyle of the dog.

Hiking is great for some dogs but for some, just a walk will work. This all can be decided based on the genetics and their growth procedure. One can find what exercise is right for their dog just by doing the best dog DNA test. If they have any health issue they may have some other way to exercise instead of walking, hiking and stuff like that.

7. Behavior

How the dogs behave depends on the genetics of the dogs. For example, Rottweiler is way more aggressive than the poodles, whereas Labradors are friendlier than German shepherds. All their behavior depends on their genetic. Some dogs are very friendly and some are very protective. If it is a pure dog breed one can get it how their dog will behave and how to control them.

But when the dog is adopted or rescued and they are mixed breed it becomes very tough to know how to control the dog and how to deal with their behavior. But best DNA test for dogs will help one to know the breeds of the dog and the vet or the experts will tell how to control the dog and how to keep them calm, happy and active all the time without messing with them

8. Affordable

The DNA test cost very less these days. One can go to a vet care or can simply order a lit at home and get the test done. The advances in technology and easy processing make it comfortable for any dog owner to get the best DNA test for dogs done at home.

9. Easy To Use

DNA can be tested either using a kit at home or going to the vet care center nearby. Both of them are easy methods and one can follow any method to test the DNA of their fur friends. Collecting the buccal sample is the easiest and most accurate method of testing for DNA is the best dog DNA test kit. One can buy a kit from any pet store or online and can check the DNA or they can take their pet to the vet care center and get it done by professionals and this is very easy.

10. Quick

The process is very quick and one can get the results within a day. Days are gone when one has to wait for weeks for results and reports. Now the enhancement of technology has made the process easy and fast. One can get the reports and within a few days after the test. One should choose the best dog DNA test kit for their four-legged friends.

11. No Pain

Collecting the sample from the dog is easy and simple and along with it, the dog does not experience any pain. The polyester type swab provided in the kit is rubbed inside the cheeks of the dog around 20-30 seconds. It can be done second time again if there is not enough DNA on the swab but still the process is no longer than two minutes.

12. Confirmation

Getting the best DNA test for dogs helps one to confirm the breed of the dog. One doesn’t need to easily guess what breed dog belongs to. Looks and behaviors are not the exact proof but DNA is.

How To Do DNA Test At Home

Here are some instructions that one must follow while conducting these test.

1. First take out the swab from the packet. (Make sure that you don’t get anyone else’s DNA in it.)

2. Now take it in your dog’s mouth and firmly twirl the swab in your dog’s cheek for almost 20 sec.) Well be prepared as the dog is not going to enjoy this part and he will try to ruin the entire thing.

3. Once done instantly place it in the packaging that was provided and then let it dry for 5 minutes. (Don’t try to take a sneak peak while doing so.)

4. Now repeat steps one, two and three with second swab.

5. You will get an activation confirmation number that will have to be written on LABEL#! You can get the number by activating the dog DNA test online.

6. Now paste that label on swab sleeve.

7. Now insert the swab back into the sleeve and the put the sleeve into the box or envelop and then seal it.

8. Now you will have to apply the shipping label and mail the dogs DNA samples.

9. Finally you need to wait for the results.

10. Useful tip: To get the DNA of the dog you can show him some treats and then take the swab easily. But it works for the dogs who don’t drool a lot if your dog is a drooler and aggressive then good luck with the entire process.

These are basic instructions that comes the best dog DNA test and usually all brand. But some brands may have one additional step requires to shake the container for 10 secs after inserting the swab.

FAQs on Dog DNA Test Kits

Q. Can DNA Test Be Painful For The Dog?

A. It is not painful at all. Dogs will not get hurt. But taking out the swab can irritate your dog this it is advised that you must tie him firmly before inserting it into the dogs.

Q. How The DNA Samples Are Processed?

A. The sample is processed in the lab by the professionals.

Q. Is There Any Difference Between The DNA Test And Canine Genetics?

A. Yes, both these terms are very different. DNA testing is usually made by the private laboratories which are often connected with the research groups.

Q. Can DNA Tests Be Performed At Home?

A. Yes, one can buy the kit inline and perform the DNA test at home.

Q. How Long Will It Take For The Results Of DNA Test Come?

It can take around a couple of weeks or months, it varies from company to company.

Q. Why Is The Cost Of Different Brands Different And Some Tests Are Very Expensive While Not Others?

The cost of the test depends upon the type of test you go for. If you just want to check the liniage its cheap if you want to check the health risks it’s higher and so on.

Final Words

One cannot deny the fact that dogs are one of the best pets that one can own. They can improve health and keep one healthy and happy. Owning a dog keeps one social, active and happy. One can easily adopt a dog or they can pet a rescued dog. Getting a DNA test done for the dogs’ keeps one aware of the health condition, growth and genetic issues of the dog.

DNA testing is fun and helps one to understand the behavior of the dog in a better way. One can plan diet, exercise and other factors depending on the needs and requirements of the dog. One can take precautions depending on the dog’s health and genetic risks of the dog.

You must be aware about the term “User Error”. It is a polite way of telling dog owners that companies don’t take any responsibility in case of any kind of a failure. Although companies try their best to keep the faults at minimum but human errors find their way and things get messed up. If the instructions are not followed accurately then the accuracy of the test can be zero.

Many mishaps can happen while taking the test and that can ruin the entire process. It is advices to wait for some time after the dog has eaten. It is must that the swab must go straight in the mouth from sleeves and then back in to the sleeve. Instead of sealing it properly you might expose it to the bacteria and ruin the DNA and the result might not come accurate. Thus it is essential that we follow the instructions properly to ensure best results from the best DNA test for dogs. .

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