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Perfect Paws™ Cat nail trimmer

Easy and Effective Way To Trim Your Cat's Nails!

This cordless and portable nail trimmer has a rotating filing stone that gently files your cat's nails, leaving a smooth finish.  2 different filing grits and variable speed control allow you to find just the right setting for your pet - which means a positive grooming experience for all!

  • Fine grit for soft nails and buffing
  • Coarse grit for harder nails
  • Includes safeguard cover with nail guard safety holes
  • Ergonomic shape for ease of use
  • Bonus!  Batteries and extra filing sone included.
  • Choose from pink, blue or green

“My cat hates having her nails trimmed. The Bamboo Nail Clipper is the first tool that's worked. It cuts cleanly. Love the file to smooth out any edges I missed.”

Tami J.

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